Study of a Dutch Family

In his pioneering study of a Dutch family with several generations of violent males, clinical geneticist Dr. Han Brunner has provided the first tangible evidence of a direct link between molecular biology (a MAO A deficiency) and aggressive behavior in humans.

Discovery of a Dutch Family

In this video Dr. Brunner outlines problems with males in the family and the beginning of a scientific project.

The Genetics

Sequencing the family:

• What causes the problem?
• Testing for MAO A activity
Gene sequencing reveals mutations
• Summarizing the situation

Aggressive behavior

Aggressive behaviors:

• Physical aggression
• Sexual behavior
• Men and their sisters

Night Terrors

Problems with sleep:

• Sleeplessness
• Night terrors

Stress and environment

Genetic and environmental interactions

• Stable situations
• Stressful situations

The family’s report

• “A curious case”
• The grand uncle’s study: could it be inherited?
• His conclusions: female transmission affects the males

Whether to Publish

• A new idea coupled with uncertainties
• What the family wanted
• Reception to the study: genes do matter
• Changing paradigms