Stress and embryonic development

What to avoid while pregnant

Since early embryonic development is crucial for brain development, pregnant women should follow these simple rules to avoid putting their baby’s brain structure and future behavior in jeopardy:

• Don’t take MAO-I (inhibitors)
• Don’t smoke
• Don’t drink alcohol
• Don’t use drugs
• Reduce stress
• Eat a well-balanced diet
• Exercise regularly


Monoamine Oxidase in Neuropsychiatry and Behavior, 1999

Link to article: 1999 MAO in Neuropsychiatry

Early embryonic development

Dr. Jean Chen Shih, University Professor and Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology at the USC School of Pharmacy

• Early embryonic development affects later behavior
• Studies in mice are applicable to humans
• Science education

Significance of stress

Gene + environment = behavior
• Under stress
• Stress management