Functions of MAO A and B

What are the functions of MAO A and B?

MAO A and MAO B degrade neurotransmitters in the body so that they are in the optimum concentration.  This video shows the interaction between inhibitors  or serotonin and MAO active sites — amino acids and cofactors (yellow colored) involved in the substrate and enzyme binding.  As it rotates, the inhibitors become serotonin (the little black balls).

3-D Model by J. Ma and A. Ito (2004)

“Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of rat monoamine oxidase A complexed with clorgyline” (2004)   J. Ma, F. Kubota, M. Yoshimura, E. Yamashita, A. Nakagawa, A. Ito and T. Tsukihara