Scientific techniques used in the lab

The proteomics lab: understanding proteins

In Dr. Shih’s lab, Kate Revill describes the preparation of tissue samples and the process of proteomic analysis.

• Weihua Wu prepares RNA heart tissue samples from lab mice and uses the RTPCR (real time PCR)

• Kate Revill shows how gels are used to distinguish between different types of proteins.

• Tim Gallagher uses the fractionator to separate proteins and measure the mass of each.


Regulating MAO gene expression

Sean Godar describes how MAO gene expression is regulated by the transcription factor R-1 which was discovered in Dr. Shih’s lab.


Cloning DNA for sequencing

Jason Wu describes how he and Anna Scott clone a sample of DNA for sequencing.


Reading a DNA sequence

Anna Scott describes how she, Jason Wu and Bin Quan read a sequence of DNA to determine whether the nucleotides match each other.

Polymerase chain reaction

Kate Revill describes how Dr. Kevin Chen uses PCR for genotyping lab mice.